Scottish Sports Hall Of Fame 2015

Representatives of the very best of Scottish sports gathered together on Wednesday November 4th 2015 at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and museum, Glasgow to honour not only its current members but also to induct and honour an additional 5 sporting heroes into SportsScotland and the Hall of Fame.

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Left to right, Sir Chris Hoy, Shirley Robertson, Kenny Cairns, Shirley McIntosh and Ian McGeechan

The latest inductees into the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame were 1. Cycling – Sir Chris Hoy MBE; 2. Sailing –
Shirley Robertson OBE; 3. Shooting – Shirley Mcintosh MBE; 4. Swimming – Kenny Cairns MBE; 5. Rugby – Sir Ian McGeechan OBE.

In charge of the proceedings was Louise Martin CBE who chairs the selection panel.

It’s not that easy to get recognition into the Sorts Hall of Fame. Unlike many other “Halls of Fame” like
music and acting and a plethora of others in showbusiness where ‘overnight fame’ seems to be the
norm, fame in sporting takes time and is earned over a life time performance.

The five new inductees have demonstrated commitment and real determination and that together with their talent has allowed them to excel.

Britain’s best medal result of all time as an Olympic athlete with six gold medals and one silver is Sir Chris Hoy MBE.

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Scotia Football (Scotland Football)

Did you know that originally Scotia was the Roman name for Ireland?

Then later, around the latter part of the middle ages it became the fixed Latin term (in English) for Scotland.

Just to make the distinction Nova Scotia (New Scotland) is a Canadian Province.

So that get’s the formalities out of the way and we come down to the knitty gritty of Scotia Football (The great Scotland national football team)

Scotland is the oldest national football team in the world-(actually joint oldest along with England)

In 1872 Scotland played England in the world’s first International football game.

Now if you like facts and figures here are a few about Scotland:

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